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Vlogging - Olloclip Filmer's Kit, live-streaming tricks

Article by Lance Ulanoff/‎Jul‎ ‎16‎, ‎2017

Good smartphone photography and video requires a steady hand, a good eye and, just maybe, a bag of tricks.

That's more or less the concept behind Olloclip's and Incase's limited-time mashup: The Filmer's Kit. It's a black, compression-molded, 9-inch-by-6-inch-by-3-inch case packed with the majority of Olloclip's iPhone 7 add-on lenses (the Core Lens Set and Active Lens Set) and Pivot, a nifty, articulating hand-held mobile phone grip with a universal clamp that accommodates most smartphone sizes. There's also a cold-shoe mount on the Pivot for a microphone and light source and an adapter so you can use Pivot with your favorite GoPro style camera.

And the whole thing costs $199.

Since a single Olloclip set with three lenses can costs as much as $119, the Filmer's Kit is a decent savings.

It's also pretty darn good.

Olloclip's been making add-on lenses since the iPhone 4, using high-quality, multi-elements optics to add everything from wide-angle to zoom and macro capabilities. The biggest changes, year-over-year, have been how you attach the lenses to the phone.

The significantly larger iPhone 7 lens (and dual lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus) forced the biggest Olloclip system change to date. The new Connect system, which is well-represented in the Filmer's Kit, separates the Olloclip attachment hardware from the lenses, allowing you to use a spring-loaded system to place and remove the lenses in the molded Olloclip frames, which are designed to position the lenses over either the front or rear-facing cameras.

The benefit of this system is that you can swap out lenses without removing the Olloclip frame. The more I did this, the more I got used to the Connect system.

There's the Telephoto 2x optical zoom, 155-degree Ultra-Wide angle, 120-degree Super-Wide Angle, a near 180-degree Fisheye, and 15X macro (for super-up-close shots), which you access by unscrewing the Fisheye lens.

The only other downside to the 2X optical zoom lens is that it cannot be used on the iPhone 7 Plus's built-in 2X zoom camera to double that zoom.

Olloclip I Incase Filmer's Kit :

The Good

A great value • Excellent lenses • New attachment system is ultimately a good fit for the iPhone 7 • Pivot grip is flexible and easy to use

The Bad

Telephoto gets you close, but loses something on the edges.

The Bottom Line

If you want better iPhone 7 photography and vlogging, the Filmer's Kit is a good place to start.

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