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Photography tips: hand posing

Giving your model something to do with their hands it will help to create a natural looking pose i.e. putting hands in pockets. Many of us when it is coming to picture taking we have no ideas what to do with our hands.

Thoughts are passing through our mind like should I just hold it at the front, or should I squeeze them in my pocket or just hide them somehow.

So let's see some ideas which might boost the final image:

Elbow: band your elbow; wrist: hang loose, do not keep it stiff; fingers: try to avoid folding fingers.

Change up the height, position, etc. between the two hands and you will find your image more exciting. The closer the hands come to the face, the more impact they are going to have on the image.

The face is the focal point of a portrait and the hands can work together with the face to project any number of emotions. Fingers should not be facing into the lens. Do not show the flat surfaces of the hands, show the finger edges. Bend fingers at all joints. If the hands are close enough to your model’s face, they will serve as frame to the subject’s face.

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