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Photography tip for beginners : do you really need to buy a new gear ?

I come across this article on the internet and I think it can be a useful advice for some people. The article can be found on "I'll be perfectly honest… I've never met a photographer who has less than one year of experience who is better than the kit lens. I'm not saying that their pictures couldn't be helped out a tiny bit by a sharper lens, but I am saying that there are about 100 more important things for a beginner to master before anyone is going to notice that the picture is barely less sharp from the lens. 99% of sharpness problems that I see are caused by poor shooting technique, and not a cheap lens. Once the photographer masters the fundamentals, then a new lens is an important investment and the sharpness will definitely improve. The same is true for many other photography gear items. It isn't necessary to buy $3,000 in studio equipment unless you've already learned how to use a bare bones $120 lighting set up to its full advantage. It probably isn't necessary to buy a $1,500 macro lens until you've reached your limit by using a simple close focus filter. It probably isn't necessary to buy a 5d mark II until that is the weak link in your photography. I love gear, but I feel bad when I hear photographers say they feel limited by their beginner gear when, in reality, they should probably just get out there and shoot more. (Abby Krim)"

My personal opinion is that is easy to walk around with a $$$ gear but it will not make you a better photographer for sure. You learn by taking the challenge. Do not just walk away from a great scene because you don’t feel your lens is long enough. Instead of wishing for the perfect lens you have to learn to think around any potential barriers.

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