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Quick Tip for Shooting During the Golden Hour

Hi, today I would like to give you a tip about the magical golden hour that I use myself too. Did you know that you can help maximize your golden hour efficiency by planning ahead? You need to know your destination of course, it means you plan ahead, have an idea of what subjects you want to shoot, and calculate when the golden hour occurs where you live in the world. This handy golden hour calculator will do all the math for you:

Soft light illuminates the skin tones evenly. During the golden hour, you can have your subjects look towards the sun and not have to squint or shield their eyes. Having a reflector with you - or a foam core board (black on one side white on the other) which you can buy at a craft store - will let you better control light on your subject. The black side lets you reduce the coming light while the white side is perfect to fill in the shadows.

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