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Newborn Photography Near Me

3 Cute Poses for Newborn Photography Near Me

Having a newborn is exhausting and yet also the most rewarding thing you will likely ever do in life. Many parents love to capture the first few days of their new baby's life through portrait photography. We have seen many photo shoots for babies and here are three of our favorite poses.
Fists Under Cheeks

A classic pose that is still so sweet and cute is when you have the baby laying on their tummy but holding their head up with their tiny little fists under their cheeks. We love this because you are easily able to see their tiny little fingers and those adorable chubby cheeks all in one portrait.
Proud Big Sibling

Older siblings can sometimes feel left out when there's a new baby in the family that's getting all the attention. It's fun to bring them into the photo session to show off their love for their new baby brother or sister. Holding the baby and giving kisses are sweet photos to cherish when they start chasing after each other down the hallways!
Sleeping in a Hammock

There is nothing sweeter or more peaceful in this world than a sleeping baby. Snuggling them up tight in a blanket and laying them to rest in a hammock makes for a very cozy photo opportunity that you can cherish forever.
Looking for Newborn Photography Near Me?
For the best portrait photography in the greater Boston area, look no further than Anett Elek! With over a decade of experience photographing newborns, children, high school seniors, couples, adults, and more, we can provide you with the most stunning portrait photography you've ever seen. Give us a call today to discuss packages, pricing, and availability.

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