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Family Photography Reading

3 Tricks to Getting the Best Family Photography Reading Has to Offer

Wrangling small children and asking them to sit still, all look in the same direction, and smile at the same time can be extremely difficult. Of course, your photographer will have plenty of experience working with kids, so she'll have some tricks up her sleeve to get them to cooperate. Here are a few ways you can help your kids prepare so the family photography Reading session runs smoothly and easily.
A Full Belly

Double check the time of your session, consider travel time to get there and get back home, and plan that day's meals accordingly. If necessary, you may want to bring some snacks to keep their bellies full during the session.
Plenty of Sleep

Again, check your schedule for the day and make sure that any young kids have naps before the session. Unless, of course, you desire to have a sleeping baby in your photographs, then you may wish to schedule the session during their typical nap time!
Comfortable Clothes

If the sweater is itchy, or the dress is too tight, your child will be constantly fussing with their outfit and not paying attention to the photographer. Make sure they've tried on the outfit beforehand and can manage to stay comfortable for the duration of your session.
Book a Freelance Photographer Near Me
Having family portraits is a great way to capture your growing family right this moment. In just five years, your family can change drastically. At Anett Elek Photography, we would love to help you capture your family just as they are today! Give us a call to schedule your photography session in the greater Boston area.

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