FAB - Somerville

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Hi David, I am not sure if you remember me, I am Anett, I was the photographer in FAB, Somerville for a 1.5 hour food photoshoot.

Beside the necessary food photoshoot, I took some extra time there, and made some appetizing lifestyle food images as well. These images are perfect for advertising for example, social media, especially for Instagram or other platforms. 

Please, check out the 43 images below:



Hope you like them as I do. They are really mouthwatering images - in my opinion.

I worked on the images: I cut them - square, because I saw on your Instagram account that you are using square images - this might fit perfectly in your existing IG account. I edited the lights, on some images I changed the background.

I am a content creator - photos, videos, stop motion animation -, I am helping small businesses to create content on their website or social media to reach/get more clients on month to month basis.

Let me know if you are interested to work with me, if you like similar content as this one. You can contact me here:


If you would like to purchase this album, 43 days worth of posts, it is $430. ($10 / image), then

You can pay :