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Who am I ?


I am a hardworking freelance photographer - bilingual English and Hungarian - with 14 years of experience. Self-motivated with excellent time management and organization skills combined with capacity to complete projects in a timely manner to my costumers.

The passion I have for photography keeps me motivated to push my abilities and deliver beautiful images to my clients. I began my professional career in 2008. 

I shoot photos in multiple genres of photography. There are so many things I love to shoot. Many are radically different from the other. Ohh, I am into videography too. Photographers have their own view of the world and they also love different aspects of photography. I am not restricting myself to titles, I shoot whatever seems appealing and I like the challenges. Please feel free to look around in my gallery.

You - as a customer - it is important that you hire the best photographer for your needs and I am not the right photographer for everyone. So let's work out if we are going to be a good fit for each other so that I do not waste your time.

Hope to talk to you soon!

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